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  • Our Story

    Razi and Suhaila knew they would start a business, but what business? Razi not knowing the fashion world, suggested building our own brand, “Design by Suhaila Niazi”.

    Suhaila was already catering to clients as a Personal Shopper. Being in the fashion business, she saw the opportunity to provide unique designs that her customers requested. Rather than endlessly shopping for suitable garments, she would design and manufacture them. Thus Made To Measure was born.

    Al Shakour/Design by Suhaila Niazi/Made to Measure is dedicated to designing styles that make real women look fantastic! Dresses have sleeves. Sleeveless dresses incorporate voile shawls to cover the upper arms. Dress hems are where the client wants them. Suhaila styles garments individually so the client looks GREAT.

    Al Shakour makes only 3 pieces from each printed design, the reason for this is to have the exclusivity. The way it works is simple after the fabric and pattern is chosen Suhaila then Styles the fabric in a way to compliment the body, draping is usually the first and most liked technique. This fashion industry has not made the perfect pieces for everyone, majority of women are not average sizes, this is why Al Shakour does made to measure couture. Women love having Unique luxury pieces, most of our fabrics are either pure silks or mixed Cotten or georgette blends. The patterns are original and the colours are vibrant. Once the garment is made no one out there has the same piece, making it an original and couture item.