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  • Personal Shopper / Retail Therapy

    Suhaila has worked with celebrities, professionals, and young careerists helping them assemble flattering outfits. With over 20 years of experience in the high end fashion industry in London England and Montreal, Suhaila has developed an excellent knowledge of international fashion brands and trends. She has creatively resolved many a fashion dilemma, as a Personal Shopper at Holt Renfrew.

    Suhaila provides a personalized shopping experience tailored to her client’s needs to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. By delivering superb service, she has built up an extensive clientele through repeat business and referrals. For those who are time strapped, hate shopping, or don’t understand fashion, this is the most efficient and effective way of assembling a stunning wardrobe. Suhaila loves making people look fantastic!

    What Is Retail Therapy:

    - A service to create a more polished personal image, whether purchasing a few items or overhauling an entire wardrobe. Either way, you will win compliments.

    - Knowing your style preferences, Suhaila can take you shopping to create your unique look. She can assemble pieces that give the most value for your fashion dollar and fit you perfectly.

    - To ensure your look is totally polished, services can include purchasing undergarments, accessories, footwear, alterations and skin care.

    How Does It Work:

    Each session begins with a 30 minute phone conversation, to determine your lifestyle, budget and needs.

    - If you are purchasing a few pieces, Suhaila will assemble a selection of garments that meet your requirements.

    - Should an extensive closet overhaul be required, she will visit your home to assess your existing wardrobe, to see what can be used, what is missing and the purchases needed.

    Then she will select items for your approval.

    - The happy client departs with that perfect new outfit(s) and lots of personalized styling information.

    As Suhaila says: “At the end of the day I can say there are no regrets. Everyone is a Celebrity, we all deserve to feel good inside and out!”


    • I am a professional athlete, a businesswoman and a mother and I love fashion. Meeting Suhaila changed my entire outlook on fashion. I like to dress with class. Suhalia gave me so many tips that actually made me look younger and sexier, without loosing that classy look.

      Working with Suhalia is a rewarding experience; she makes you feel great about yourself. All women should have the opportunity to enjoy the experience of working with a professional like Suhalia!


      Debbie Savoy Morel - Director of golf and Head Professional - Le Mirage Golf Club

    • I wholeheartedly recommend suhaila to anyone looking for a stylist. I've known her for seven year now. she is very thorough,detail oriented,and so professional. she has an incredible memory of every single article I own! she truly listens to everything I tell her about my life style,preferences,and budget plus her sense of humor makes the experience fun! She has helped me get more excited about my wardrobe and feel more comfortable in everything I do whether it's work food shopping or running around with the kids.

      I also love walking into a dressing room and having everything ready for me so that in two hours I could have a whole host of items that are right for me. that's incredible! If you have limited time and does want to look their best,feel their best, and take their style to another level she's your ticket to a productive efficient process!

      Sandra Bitton - Mother

    • Working with Suhaila has really changed the way I shop and spend my money. She is efficient and makes my shopping experience enjoyable,  my busy schedule seems to be taking over my life but Suhaila always finds a way to keep updated and fashionable .

      I'm so happy with my new look.

      Cassandra - Social Media analyst

    • Suhaila is great at listening to what you say, then going out and assembling a collection of garments for you to try on, so that you leave with a complete ensemble. She will persuade you to experiment and you can end up loving something that you never thought you could wear. It is a great way to open your mind to new looks. If something doesn’t look good, she will tell you so and explain why it doesn’t work. You learn a lot about fashion and dressing with Suhaila. If you hate to shop, this is the way to go! Shopping with Suhaila is quick and effective! Be prepared for all the compliments you will receive.

      Anne S

    • Shopping with Suhaila has been a positive "life altering experience". Was able to gain insights into myself and my personal style that I was not even aware existed. Surprisingly rarely go anywhere that I do not receive compliments. She has given me the courage to "step out of the box" …..

      Debra - Halifax Fashion Diva

    • Suhaila has brought style and sophistication to my wardrobe. She has worked to build my career wardrobe. She is the utmost professional, courteous, thoughtful and made helped me make my purchases in comfort. Suhaila has been very mindful in developing age and profession appropriate attire for the day and night for me. Suhaila taught me the value of signature and investment pieces. Most importantly, Suhaila has become my most trustworthy resource for anything and everything fashion and lifestyle related.


      Caroline - Administrator

    • Suhaila has given me a new perception on the way I dress, I was always buying high end designer trendy pieces spending lots of money on what I thought was a good investment, after working with Suhaila for 6 years I have started to shop wisely and have enjoyed my wardrobe very much. Less is more, but one thing is for sure this girl has not only become a great retail therapist and is amazing at what she does but has become great friend, she remembers my wardrobe that I don't even recall ,, thanks so much for making a difference in my life.

      Sarah - Criminal Judge

    • Suhaila is a gem. I've been working with Suhaila for about 3 years and for the first time in my life, I have a wardrobe suited to all occasions in my busy professional life.   She has saved me time and money as she is relentlessly practical but dedicated to each client's personal style.

      Sonia - Attorney at Law

    • Who can help you be a good looking and trendy Mother, an elegant professional, and a confident Woman without running after one of your most precious gift: TIME?

      Three letters: SUE! More than a personal shopper, she is a true therapist! Her professionalism, efficiency and positive attitude got me out of my confort zone and gave me that ego boost I needed to shine no matter what hat I'm wearing! ;) thank you Sunshine!

      Audrey - Administrative Assistant

    • Suhaila is an amazing personal shopper. I have been shopping with her for years and have found it an efficient, highly productive and enjoyable experience each time. Perfect for a busy professional like me. She listens to what I want and the look I’m after, researches what’s available before we meet and provides great advice. Finds clothes and accessories in the price range I want. She’s knowledgeable about fashion and is very personable. ‘Une perle”, as we would say in French. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

      Susan - Stock Doctor

    • I loved my experiences shopping with Suhaila. She can always find ways to make me look fabulous while respecting my budget limits. She follows my tastes but helps me slightly reach out of my comfort zone. I like it because I still get to feel like me. She is a wonderful stylist that really listens and cares about her clients. Her ultimate goal is to make her clients feel and look great! And after shopping with her, I love what I see when I look in the mirror! She really makes the experience very enjoyable. I look forward to my next time!

      Maria Suppa - HR

    • I have been a devoted client of Suhaila’s now for over 15 yrs, She has dressed me for work events, for pleasure, for various travels and of course simply for fun!

      I have trusted her taste and her style for as long as I have known her, only because Suhaila knows fashion but most of all knows how to make you feel like a more beautiful, confident and improved version of yourself…I love that Suhaila always tries to do what is right for you, your body and for fashion sake. A trusted friend, confident, fashion starlet and designer with great flare – she never disappoints. As the designer at Al Shakour, she has made inspired designs for all sizes, tastes using fabulous fabrics that flatter because of her made to measure creations. I am a life-long fan of her designs and her ability to make me look and feel beautiful.

      Suzanne Aubry Lasry - Eastern sales director